June 26th, 2016

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Pro Line® Series

From a Stand Mixer with a powerfully reengineered motor to a food processor with the first hands-free commercial-style dicing, the Pro Line® Series is engineered and designed for exceptional performance.



Espresso Maker with Dual Independent Boilers

Enjoy premium espresso at home, quickly and easily. Brew espresso and steam milk at the same time with the dual independent boilers, froth milk with the adjustable frothing arm and create latte art with frothing pitcher. Be your own barista today.


KitchenAid’s Pro Line

KitchenAid had significant brand equity with cooking enthusiasts. But in the rush to add features and drive prices down to compete, new products were missing the look and feel that resonated with customers. KitchenAid invited Ziba to help them reclaim their brand’s heritage.


Ziba translated KitchenAid’s brand qualities into a visual language that reconnected every Pro Line small appliance to its iconic stand mixer. Oversized knobs and analog gauges complement strong shapes and bold colorways. The VBL lets KitchenAid compete at the high end of the market now, and helps guide future designs.

A language the market understands.


KitchenAid’s Pro Line was embraced by trade partners from Williams-Sonoma to Target. Chuck Jones, Vice President of Global Consumer Design for Whirlpool Corporation, KitchenAid’s parent company, described the impact: “In the first couple of years after introducing the language, we were basically making as much money off of waffle makers as we were off of top-mount refrigerators. The margin impact for Whirlpool was incredible. The language was a market success.” Ziba’s visual brand language continues to drive KitchenAid's small appliance designs today.




From the editor


Friday night’s IDSAor 3x10 was dense with information.


Leo Frishberg overviewed presumptive design (Prd) in 10 minutes. PrD turns the design process on its head and quickly makes an artifact first. This is something that embraces and embodies the assumptions a design brief so that we can test those assumptions.

It is process that question, “are we asking the right questions?” Leo and IDSA will put on a 1 day PrD workshop it September, it should be great!



Michael Aubry (Fusion 360 ) talked about the Periodic Table of Forms . It was an enlightening look at the math behind the shapes and surfacing we all know and love.



Michael Lenz reviewed his brand initiative at Cisco. How do you get a company with thousands of products assembled from 170 business acquisition speak with consistency? Through the federation of planets of course! By empowering a small team in each of the areas of design (the planets) a brand identity could develop and be implemented from customer service to industrial design.



It was a joy and honor to hear from these influencers.


I look forward to the next 3x10 on Friday July 22nd at 6pm


Jonathan Spencer Levy

Chair, IDSA Oregon







  Events around Portland




Designing for Happiness


Wednesday, July 13

6:30p – 8:30p


Connective DX

Pamela Pavliscak

Technology is a field full of optimists. We design technologies to make life easier, to help tiresome chores go faster, to add value to people’s lives. We strive for seamless interaction. We obsess over the details. We believe that we are making the world a better place. And yet we don’t really talk about happiness. What does is mean to design for happiness? Based on a combination of design research and data science, this session will explore what makes people happiest when they use technology and what we can learn from that to design for positive outcomes. Come away from the session with new inspiration and proven techniques for building happiness into the experience.






Fusion 360 Meetup Interactive Design Wacom


Tuesday, July 19

7:00p – 9:00p



1455 NW Irving St

“Do you sketch or draw? Excellent. Come to this meetup.  

We're having it downtown at Wacom - the manufacturers of interactive pen displays, pen tablets, and styluses.  Wacom has partnered with Fusion 360 since our inception. Their flag ship product, “the Cintiq Companion,” is a digital standard that graphic artists and industrial designers rely heavily on for its precision and its intuitiveness. In this meetup Wacom has been generous to host us at their new office here in Portland in the Pearl District to show us around, show off their hardware, and we'll all discuss what it means for us as Fusion users.  So much of great CAD design comes from productive and intuitive data input.  We’re thrilled to invite you for an evening of discussing the future of interactive design. See you there!



R&D Plastics

Plastic Part Design Seminar for Injection Molding


Wednesday, July 20

8:00a – 12:00p


R&D Plastics

7275 NW Evergreen Pkwy


Hillsboro, OR

R&D Plastics is offering a half-day seminar on plastic part design for plastic injection molding.  The seminar relates material selection, part design and part quality. With a focus on designing for manufacturability, part pricing and how it relates to material selection and part design is also discussed.


Admission is free and space is limited.

Call to RSVP (503) 693-7993



IDSA Oregon

July 3x10



Friday, July 22

6:00p – 8:00p



220 NW 8th Ave

Get some food for thought [+ beer & snacks] 


Unpacking Innovations in Wearables Stephanie Battista

Breaking the DFM rules Charlie O’Bosky

Innovation and R&D Woody (Michael) Blackford


IDSA Oregon 3x10: a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6 for a food and drink social hour.




Rooftop Networking Party


Tuesday, August 9   

5:30p - 9:00p


Hotel deluxe

729 SW 15th Ave

Portland, OR


Join us for some old school networking in uptown Portland at the Hotel deLuxe. Enjoy good food, drinks and conversations as DJ Jonas Healy spins tunes.


The SEMpdx annual Rooftop Party promises to be the most talked-about networking event of the year. Many professional organizations will be joining us on the roof. Be on top of the latest developments going on at the most innovative marketing associations in the Pacific Northwest!



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