June 19th, 2016

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Sanuk: Flagship Store Design & Build

Sanuk partnered with IDL to help bring their brand to life in Santa Monica at the brand’s first flagship store. The concept emanates a garage-inspired theme to represent a space dedicated to playful innovation. From ideation through execution, IDL ensured that every detail was brand-relevant and retail-ready.





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From the editor


This Friday, June 24 is the next IDSA Oregon 3x10. This is a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6pm for a food and drink social hour at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply, 427 NW Broadway, Portland.


Leo Frishberg will elucidate Presumptive Design

Michael Aubry will demonstrate the Periodic Table of Forms 

Michael Lenz will talk about Brand Experience



Jonathan Spencer Levy

Chair, IDSA Oregon







  Events around Portland



IDSA Webinar



Wednesday, June 22

10:00a – 11:00a

As the world continues to rapidly innovate, the way we interact with products is changing. Keeping the end-user at the heart of your design is increasingly important—as are the materials you use. Calabrese explores how materials can inspire new possibilities, helping you create designs that are as impactful as they are beneficial to the world around you.


Calabrese, IDSA, is the creative manager for the Eastman Innovation Lab (EIL), a strategic program that pairs Eastman experts in material sciencehttp://kaiainc.com/brief/images/slug.jpg



IDSA Oregon

June 3x10



Friday, June 24

6:00p – 8:00p


Core77's Hand-Eye Supply

427 NW Broadway

Get some food for thought [+ beer & snacks] 


Presumptive Design Leo Frishberg

Periodic Table of Forms  Michael Aubry

Brand Experience Michael Lenz


IDSA Oregon 3x10: a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6 for a food and drink social hour sponsored by Autodesk Fusion 360.




Designing for Happiness


Wednesday, July 13

6:30p – 8:30p


Connective DX

Pamela Pavliscak

Technology is a field full of optimists. We design technologies to make life easier, to help tiresome chores go faster, to add value to people’s lives. We strive for seamless interaction. We obsess over the details. We believe that we are making the world a better place. And yet we don’t really talk about happiness. What does is mean to design for happiness? Based on a combination of design research and data science, this session will explore what makes people happiest when they use technology and what we can learn from that to design for positive outcomes. Come away from the session with new inspiration and proven techniques for building happiness into the experience.



R&D Plastics

Plastic Part Design Seminar for Injection Molding


Wednesday, July 20

8:00a – 12:00p


R&D Plastics

7275 NW Evergreen Pkwy


Hillsboro, OR

R&D Plastics is offering a half-day seminar on plastic part design for plastic injection molding.  The seminar relates material selection, part design and part quality. With a focus on designing for manufacturability, part pricing and how it relates to material selection and part design is also discussed.


Admission is free and space is limited.

Call to RSVP (503) 693-7993



IDSA Oregon

July 3x10



Friday, July 22

6:00p – 8:00p



220 NW 8th Ave

Get some food for thought [+ beer & snacks] 


Unpacking Innovations in Wearables Stephanie Battista

Breaking the DFM rules Charlie O’Bosky

Innovation and R&D Woody (Michael) Blackford


IDSA Oregon 3x10: a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6 for a food and drink social hour.




Rooftop Networking Party


Tuesday, August 9   

5:30p - 9:00p


Hotel deluxe

729 SW 15th Ave

Portland, OR


Join us for some old school networking in uptown Portland at the Hotel deLuxe. Enjoy good food, drinks and conversations as DJ Jonas Healy spins tunes.


The SEMpdx annual Rooftop Party promises to be the most talked-about networking event of the year. Many professional organizations will be joining us on the roof. Be on top of the latest developments going on at the most innovative marketing associations in the Pacific Northwest!



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