May 8th, 2016

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Jeffrey Brummer talks about National Industrial Design Day, March 1st 2016


Jeffrey is Senior Creative Director at IDL Worldwide in Portland, OR. He’s been with IDL since 2000: where he started as an Industrial Designer.


Talk about a specific product of industrial design that made an impact on you:

Believe it or else? The Little Tikes ‘Cozy Coupe’.


As a freshman at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI I was enthralled as many young designers were with ‘car design, car design, car design’. It wasn’t until some casual conversation at an IDSA regional conference that I learned that there was an entirely different way to ‘play’ this thing called ‘industrial design’: through product design. Little Tikes was one of the presenting sponsors & I recall being mesmerized by the aesthetic LT had developed at that time. Upon further investigation I’d learn that the aesthetic was completely driven by the roto-molding plastic process: which further peaked my curiosity. I came back from that conference switching my major from auto design to product design… & the rest as they say is ‘history’.


Why does ID matter to you?:

Selfishly? Because I get to solve complex problems through drawing. In high school, I was terrible at math. Ter-ib-ble. I grew up thinking I’d be an ‘engineer’—was always a fairly competent draw-er, but the math thing remained elusive. I stumbled onto Industrial Design through reads through many car magazines. ‘Industrial Design’ first revealed itself as ‘car design’…but as time progressed: the opportunity to manifest ‘anything’ from a pen sketch to reality was revealed through both college, an internship at Crown Equipment Corporation and an ‘impromptu’ conversation with a classmate working at a retail design firm. I started my career in ID as a junior in college, working part time.

ID matters because there is always a better, more thoughtful, more functional and less earth-impactful way to do things. In this regard, Industrial Design will never be done. There’s always a better way to reinvent ‘it’: to reconstruct ‘it’-- to experience ‘it’. Industrial Design is truly is a limitless avenue to get your creative “ya-yas” out.


I’ve been in the retail industry over 23 years. I still come in every day, refreshed with a new challenge, a new idea, and new path forward to innovate. That’s what matters.


How do you see the field evolving in the next 20 years?:

Well, through technology obviously. The tools themselves will allow us to visualize more concisely. VR will allow us to substitute actual prototypes for the immersive experience that technology brings. Point cloud technology will allow us to quickly scan objects for use in our work, with utmost accuracy and less guessing.


BUT: and it’s a big one—there will never be a substitute for the ‘big idea’, the napkin sketch, the doodle. It’s the pebble at the top of the hill that gets the whole thing rolling. Schools, and newbies in the field need to be mindful of this. The ‘tools’ can only take you so far. What ‘sells’ the idea or causes the solution to ‘take flight’ is the idea and the inspiration behind it.


Be a story teller. Read. Don’t take the emotive factor of a solution for granted. It matters. It matters a lot. Those with the ability to rethink, reshuffle and generate those big ideas will continue to flourish in this ‘never-ending’ field. There are only a few ‘notes’ but those who can arrange them in fresh ways will be the ‘composers’ of the ‘Industrial Design’ future.


-Jeffrey Brummer


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Jonathan Spencer Levy

Chair, IDSA Oregon


  Events around Portland



Plastic Part Design Seminar for Injection Molding


Wednesday, May 11

8:00a - 12:00p


R&D Plastics

7275 NW Evergreen Pkwy

#200 Hillsboro, OR

R&D Plastics is offering a half-day seminar on plastic part design for plastic injection molding.  The seminar relates material selection, part design and part quality. With a focus on designing for manufacturability, part pricing and how it relates to material selection and part design is also discussed.


Admission is free and space is limited.

Call to RSVP (503) 693-7993




The Brewing of a Brand


Tuesday, May 17

5:00p - 7:15p



1624 NW Johnson St

Portland, OR 97209

A good brand sets you apart, tells your story, distinguishes your product, assures your customers…and it better look damn great while it’s at it. Regardless of brand recipe, in the beer business you need the brew to back it up.  Hear the story–both the struggles and successes–of brewers and beer branders as they walk us down the path they’re taking to leave their ‘mark.’



Design+Strategy No. 17


Thursday, May 12

5:30p - 8:30p


Connective DX

2030 NW Pettygrove Street

Portland, OR


Planning Sessions & Workshops

We're kicking off our 2016 event schedule with a workshop to help you design better workshops and sessions (how meta of us). Bridging the gap between knowing what you need out of a session and deciding on what exercises and activities you should design into the agenda (and in what order!) benefits from practice. We'll have seasoned and experienced practitioners in the room to help you learn how to build that capability into your own work, discuss and explore best practices, and even share a war story or two about times when it went wrong so we can all learn from other's experiences. 



Maker: Film Screening


Thursday, May 26

6:30p - 8:30p


Portland Development Commission

222 NW 5th Ave

Portland, OR

The Film •Maker” is a feature-length documentary that looks into the current Maker Movement in America – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled by passion and powered by the advent of new technologies. The film is a feature-length documentary on the Maker Movement and its impact on society, culture, and economy in the U.S.





Leveraging Analytics

with Leslie To


Tuesday, June 7

5:00p - 7:00p


BridgePort BrewPub

1313 NW Marshall Street Portland, OR

Cutting Through the Clutter:

Leveraging Analytics to Drive Your SEO Strategy & Optimizations


Best practices aside, nothing should drive on-site strategy more than your own data. As a robust Analytics platform, Google Analytics can often create more problems than it solves. Learning how to leverage the platforms strengths can mean the difference between clutter & clarity. 


Using Analytics, we'll seek to identify specific strategies that simply don't work, high value customer segments, ways in which other channels can be leveraged to make the overall business grow, and if/how to address expectation gaps on your site.



AIGA Career Tools:

Beyond Boilerplate


Friday, June 3

8:00a - 9:30a


52 Limited Creative

330 se MLK Boulevard

Portland, OR 97214


Stuff You Don’t Have in Your Contract (But Should)

Learn to do more with your contracts from a lawyer who lives with contracts. We all know to put our business agreements in writing, but don't stop there. Josh Barrett will share ways to negotiate a more powerful position in your contracts. Whether you're an independent professional running your own shop or managing business affairs for a growing agency, this Career Tools empowers you to negotiate your next set of terms confidently.



AIGA Studio Tour



Wednesday, June 8, 2016
5:00p – 6:30p

1250 NW 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Champion change. Create the new.

Swift is a creative agency that lives and breathes digital, leading brands forward with a combination of insight, strategy and creative. They work with brands to solve complex business problems, and their client roster includes Starbucks, Google, Nestlé, and Adidas.

Join us as we tour Swift's new space, explore their Studio and learn how they develop strategy and creative to connect with consumers.




Empowering Community Moderators


Wednesday, June 8

6:30p – 8:30p


Connective DX


Working in tandem with scripted filtration tools, moderators act as gate-keepers. Often under-paid and poorly supported, community moderators work invisibly at the heart of the social community. Each day, these individuals make thousands of judgement calls on behalf of the community they serve. At their best, community moderators provide personal care and an attention to detail which enriches each community member’s experience on an individual level. Their careful decisions contribute to a sense of safety and well-being that is the hallmark of a healthy community.



Society for Experiential Graphic Design Conference


Thursday, June 9 through

Saturday, June 11

8:00a - 7:00p


The Westin Seattle

Seattle, Washington


The SEGD Conference is the only annual conference designed for creatives working in experiential graphic design. Headquartered at the Seattle Westin, the three-day event is designed to inspire, with a combination of practical, hands-on workshops, social and networking events and blue-sky sessions with top design thought leaders.

The City: A signature element of the SEGD Conference, local tours, will get attendees out of the conference room and into the city to focus on recent high-profile experiential design projects. The tours on June 9 will include a young designers’ studio tour, the Washington State Convention Center, South Lake Union, the Waterfront, Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square. A slate of Premium (additional-cost) tours will also be available.



IDSA Oregon

June 3x10



Friday, June 24

6:00p – 8:00p



714 NW Glisan Street

Get some food for thought [+ beer & snacks] 


Presumptive Design Leo Frishberg

Periodic Table of Forms  Michael Aubry

Brand Experience Michael Lenz


IDSA Oregon 3x10: a casual event where 3 professionals speak for 10 minutes each. Meet at 6 for a food and drink social hour sponsored by Autodesk Fusion 360.


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