February 21st, 2016

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Last Sunday I went to one of my favorite events; The One Motorcycle Show. Every spring in Portland this free (!) event showcases a beautiful variety of one off, hand built motorcycles. The bikes range from enthusiastic backyard builds to a level of craftsmanship that draws you in, refocusing closer and closer to appreciate the details.


I enjoyed chatting with Mathew Camadro who won the Pit Crew award for his thoughtfully modified MB5. “the build actually started with a scale model so I could wrap my head around the design of the bike before I ever loosened a bolt on the real one”

Building the scale model

Mathew’s blog


Add this show to your calendar for 2017, it’s a fun event that’s engaging for both the obsessed motor head (like me) and the casual observer.


Jonathan Spencer Levy

Chair, IDSA Oregon





The One Motorcycle Show website


Gaz Boulanger’s article on Cycle World


  IDSA events


The IDSA Student Merit Awards Night

March 4th 7p

Location TBD


Three Ai students and three UofO students will be presenting; one from each school will be selected by the panel of professional industrial designers. There will be 5-6 panel members from various design firms and companies in the area. The winners are recognized and go on to present at the Western District Conference this year in Denver, CO.


The local Student Merit Awards Night is a special event. We’ve been holding it for the last 5 years and the whole industrial design community and friends are invited to enjoy. A mixture of students and professionals attend and refreshments are provided. 


Jim Arnold, IDSA
product designer + educator




National Industrial Design Day

Friday, March 5th is the 2nd annual celebration of National ID Day which is also IDSA’s 51st Anniversary!


Consider this question, “Why does industrial design matter to you?” Connect with IDSA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Presumptive design

Later this year we will be hosting a workshop with Leo Frishberg about Presumptive design


  Events around Portland


Game Masters

OMSI After Dark


Wednesday 2/24 6:00p
1945 SE Water Ave
Gaming - From the screen to the table, it’s all about games! Talk to local game developers about games they are creating, learn what new games are on the horizon, and see how many games you can play in one night in the Game Masters exhibition

Due to the popularity of this event, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance as capacity is limited and may sell out.


21+ Only | ID's Required


$15/non-members $7.50/OMSI Members

FREE for OMSI After Dark Members




 Creating an office for a community of collaborators


Tuesday 2/25 5:30p

3529 N Williams Ave

A tour and panel discussion presented by AIA Portland, Hammer & Hand, Holst Architecture, and Instrument.

In a discussion moderated by Randy Gragg (the noted architecture critic and UO John Yeon Center director), team members from Instrument, Osmose, Holst Architecture, and Hammer & Hand will explore how an office TI can communicate and foster company culture and identity. What did Instrument want to create for its employees, clients, and partners? How did the project achieve that? How were the values of collaboration and creativity addressed in the final product as well as in its delivery?



PDX Web & Design Monthly Happy Hour


Tuesday 2/23 5:00p


600 East Burnside (map)


If you're like me, you spend WAYYYY too much time in front of a computer. I think it would be great to have a monthly get together at a bar or pub to just get to know each other, have a brew, and yes, talk about the business. Real human interaction, in other words. Repeats the last Tuesday of every month.


Starting September 24th we will be changing venues to Romtoms, on the east side of the bridge at Burnside and 6th St. We hope there will be more room and it will be easier to find the rest of us. We look forward to seeing everyone. If you can't find us inside look for us out in the back we may be enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful open patio.



Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Communities


Wednesday 3/2 7:00p


CHIFOO’s 2016 Speaker Series, Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Communities, invites researchers, designers, and developers to have conversations about stories of projects and challenges wherein a rational, user-centered approach yields results that seem less-than-rational.



Lunch with Paddy Tillett, Principal at ZGF

Wednesday 2/24 12:00p
ZGF offices

1223 SW Washington St

An opportunity to meet with leaders in the architectural and related design industries. These intimate conversations are purposefully limited in size to allow for open dialogue regarding experiences, challenges and achievements.

Paddy Tillett is an architect, urban designer and city planner with forty years of international professional experience.  He practiced in Osaka, London, Cologne, and Abuja, Nigeria before coming to live in Portland, Oregon in 1982.  He is a principal responsible for Planning and Urban Design for the firm of Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP.  



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