February 7th, 2016

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A-dec 500 Stool

advanced ergonomic seating for the dental professional

As a dental professional, the ability to perform one’s job comfortably is essential. Based on a unique dynamic seating system design, individual performance zones work in unison to conform and move with the user’s body, resulting in more supportive and ergonomic posture.

Designed by A-dec Inc.


The Problem – Over half of dental practitioners suffer from musculoskeletal pain, directly related to improper ergonomics as providers adapt to rigid seating while performing their craft.

The Vision – A-dec chose to create their new passively dynamic seating, basing this decision upon the innovation of their in-house designers, Jason Alvarez, IDSA, & Jonathan Wilson, IDSA. The goal is to increase provider health and wellbeing through advanced ergonomics directly related to how dental teams practice.

While starting with a various prototypes, and years of research, A-dec’s ID team sought to understand the motion and posture requirements of today’s dental professionals.  Many rounds of ideation, ergonomic studies, and user research led to the product’s passively adaptive, supportive structures being created and evaluated through many more rounds of rapid prototyping and aesthetic refinement.   

After many iterative design concepts were created by the ID team and engineering staff at A-dec, Inc.’s Newberg Oregon campus, numerous functional prototypes were tested in real world conditions. On-site rapid prototyping, fabrication, and assembly, coupled with local component vendors, allowed the product to be developed in a manner that ensured the product has what it takes to maintain A-dec’s quality reputation, for the life and health of the provider.

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  From the editor


Last weekend I went to the Portland auto show with my friend and very talented designer Chris Bleiler.


Macro observation: automotive styling has a 20 year cycle between safe and risky design. In the early aughts there wasn’t much exploration, all car styling was similarly good. This week, at the 2016 car show, it looks like the pendulum has swung the other way. It was inspiring to see a range of bold and optimistic deigns.


Micro observation: the center stack of the VW Tiguan is impressive. The clean shapes, tight lines and thoughtful detailing were fantastic. The panel vents move with a sharp “snick” that leaves a strong impression of quality. You should go try it firsthand.


Jonathan Spencer Levy

Chair, IDSA Oregon




  IDSA events


2016 IDSA Student Merit Award Selection Event

Friday, March 4th

Art Institute of Portland

1122 NW Davis Street


We are proud to support the 2016 IDSA Student Merit Award program in Oregon. We have combined the two Oregon ID schools into one exciting night of presentations and awards.


National Industrial Design Day

Friday, March 5th is the 2nd annual celebration of National ID Day which is also IDSA’s 51st Anniversary!


Consider this question, “Why does industrial design matter to you?” Connect with IDSA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


In addition, take 10 minutes to participate in the IDSA Survey.


Presumptive design

Later this year we will be hosting a workshop with Leo Frishberg about Presumptive design


  Events around Portland


Uncorked Studios Tour


Wednesday 2/10

5:00p to 6:00p
Uncorked Studios
1001 SE Water Ave #350


If shaping the imagination and vision of our future seems like a tall order for a five-year-old, you haven’t met digital design company Uncorked Studios. The agency that began in PIE (the Portland Incubator Experiment), Wieden + Kennedy’s start-up booster, has grown by leaps and bounds, building long-standing relationships with both small and biggie clients like Google and Samsung, Adidas and Lego.




Faulty By Design:

A Psychological Examination of User Decision Making


Wednesday 2/10 7:00p



The psychological variables influencing decision making and highlight how these factors affect a user’s performance navigating the decisions embedded in our products. Bill will offer examples of how user experience designers can address Complex decision exceeds our thinking capacity, facilitating more effective decisions through a variety of design practices.



Mardi Gras Parade on Mississippi Avenue


Tuesday 2/9 6:00p

Victoria Bar

4835 N Albina Ave


FREE, Music, Krewe Loose Cajun Band, Kids Costume Contest & More! Check out the kid’s costume awards at Mississippi Pizza immediately following the parade. Following the parade multiple venues on Miss Ave. host Mardi Gras music.


Route: 9 blocks on Mississippi Avenue – Starting at Victoria Bar, heading south to end at Ecliptic Brewing, 825 North Cook



Star Trek Into Darkness

Friday  2/12 7:30p

Arlene Schnitzer

Concert Hall
1037 SW Broadway


Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ riveting sequel, comes to the giant screen alongside the Oregon Symphony orchestra, performing Michael Giacchino’s thrilling score live to picture. With the brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of super-villain, you’ll be left with just one word: KHAAANNNN!!

Erik Ochsner, conductor
Pacific Youth Choir




Wooden Architectural Models Exhibit


Saturday 2/13 9:00a
World Forestry Center
4033 SW Canyon Road


The Architectural Foundation of Oregon and the World Forestry Center have joined together to create exhibit of architectural models made of wood, at the World Forestry Center’s Merlo Hall. (John Storrs, partnering with architect William Church, designed Merlo Hall in 1988 to house the international World Forest Institute program.) Featured in this exhibit are a fourth-year model by PSU School of Architecture alumna Jeni Nguyen and the Portland River Story model made by students in Carol Kekez and Mauricio Villarreal’s ARCH 480 studio this year.




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